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Repair and Replace Water Heaters in Ottawa

White Glove Heating and Air Conditioning repairs and replaces water heaters in Ottawa. Our team is fully equipped with all the tools, technology, and gear necessary to repair or replace your water heater. We are a professional, skilled, and experienced plumbing company with years of experience in the industry. When you need water heater repairs or replacement, our reliable plumbing team will arrive promptly to get the job done. We offer fully updated equipment, quality service, and affordable rates. Our team will use their skills, knowledge, and expertise to repair your water heater as soon as possible so you can return to your normal routine.

man repairing water heater

Restore Hot Water to Your Home

A failing water heater can be more than just a nuisance. A functioning water heater plays a significant role in helping a home run smoothly. When your water heater acts up, our reliable plumbers will arrive on time to fix the problem. If your water heater system is experiencing leaks or lack of warmth, request our services for reliable water heater repairs from our skilled technicians. We handle repairs for a wide range of water heater brands. We offer fast, reliable repair services to get your electric, gas, propane, or tankless water heater working as soon as possible.

Get a Brand-New Water Heater System

We can repair your water heater to working condition or replace your old, inefficient tank with a new model. Our team will help you choose the best type of water heater replacement for your home and utility goals. We’ll consider both your immediate needs and long-term implications and help you make an informed decision on the advantages of each system type. Whether you choose a tank or tankless water heater, we’ll help you find the perfect match for your short-term investment goals and long-term operating costs. The types of water heaters we offer include the following:

Gas Fuel

This eco-friendly tankless system has a higher upfront cost with reduced long-term utility costs.

Electric Fuel

This tankless and budget-friendly alternative to gas has a lower upfront cost and fewer safety risks.


This dependable system stores hot water in a reservoir to ensure a steady supply when needed.

High-Efficiency Systems and Sustainability

Our knowledgeable technicians will keep you comfortably supplied with hot water in alignment with your budget and sustainability goals. Whether you choose gas, electric, tank, or tankless, we’ll help you maximize your purchase while considering immediate and long-term costs and advantages. Our team will restore your system with proper installation, setup, and maintenance. We’ll ensure a steady supply of hot water whenever you need it. We offer high-efficiency residential and commercial water heater solutions to help you save on energy costs. Find the best product for your home with all the parts and accessories you need.

Delivering Unparalleled HVAC Solutions